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Evidence for south-oriented drainage in the present day Gallatin, Madison, and Jefferson River drainage basins

Abstract: Multiple deep passes crossing the present-day east-west continental divide and numerous south-oriented tributaries flowing to the present-day north-oriented Gallatin, Madison, Jefferson-Beaverhead-Red Rock, and Missouri Rivers provide evidence the Gallatin, Madison, and Jefferson-Beaverhead-Red Rock valleys originated as diverging channels in a large-scale south-oriented anastomosing channel complex that was subsequently reversed to form the present-day north-oriented Gallatin, […]

Missouri River Drainage Basin Landform Origins Research Project is a 21st century Expedition of Discovery

  The Missouri River drainage basin landform origins research project is the first known scientific expedition of discovery to systematically study detailed topographic map evidence for all major drainage divide areas within and surrounding the Missouri River drainage basin and in a sense is a modern-day equivalent of historical voyages of discovery where explorers traveled […]

Origin of North America east-west continental divide, Little Blackfoot River-Missouri River drainage divide area landform origins in Lewis and Clark and Powell Counties, Montana, USA

Abstract: This essay uses topographic map evidence to interpret landform origins in the region between Little Blackfoot River and the Missouri River along the east-west continental divide in Lewis and Clark and Powell Counties, Montana. East of the continental divide the Missouri River flows in a north-northwest direction in eastern Lewis and Clark County before […]

Missouri River drainage basin landform origins research project, overview essay

A collection of detailed research data based on topographic map evidence Abstract: The Missouri River drainage basin landform origins research project introduces a fundamentally new and different geomorphology paradigm by interpreting previously unexplained topographic map evidence to determine origins for all major Missouri River drainage basin drainage divides. Detailed essays illustrating and describing interpreted topographic […]